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Posted on 27th Oct 2011 @ 3:50 PM

How to Wear Cufflinks...

Cufflinks cannot just be worn with any clothing garment. Certain shirts are designed specifically for the usage of cuff links and some include the holes for stud sets, as well. A stud set is similar to a cuff link, but it replaces the button holes going down the front of the shirt. For garments designed for either cufflinks or stud sets, where one would expect a button, instead there is a hole. This is where the cufflink or stud set would be placed.

The choice of stone, color, or style of the cufflink is purely personal, but should be consistent with the type of event you are attending. For example, a more elegant cuff link should be worn with a tuxedo shirt, while a more casual cufflink, such as a sports’ oriented one, could carry a more casual usage. Furthermore, cuff links can be worn to match the tone of your watchband, tie, or shirt.

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